Advice and business services for the procurement of renewable energy and risk management

A fast-growing organization that makes data-driven decisions when it comes to their sales and marketing activities. It is important to them that all costs and revenues are measured for determining an accurate return on investment (ROI). For us, this meant an extensive implementation of external platforms that had to be linked to Pardot, and then synced to Sales Cloud. To achieve this we used the Pardot API and Salesforce Connected Apps with OAuth protocol. In addition, their webinars are integrated with the Zoom connector. The data is collected in Sales Cloud and through the combination of Connected Campaigns, Engagement History and Campaign Influence, Sales Cloud data (sales) can be combined with Pardot data (marketing). We then implemented the B2B Marketing Analytics App in Sales Cloud that uses the Einstein engine (Tableau CRM) in Analytics Studio so they can see exactly what results their efforts are yielding through a number of dashboards.

Professional Services / Advisory & SAAS