Leading climate solutions provider and project developer

A multinational active within the advisory & consultancy industry with more than 18 offices worldwide and innovative regional marketing and sales departments that are customer centric and focus on new business development. Through webinars, a strong outbound strategy, and a variety of segmented newsletters they stay close to the customer and generate new leads. We have housed all their marketing activities in Pardot so that they become trackable and then sync this data to Sales Cloud CRM to gain insights and measure performance by KPIs. With the GoToWebinar connector and Pardot forms for gated content, new leads are collected while also attributing these activities to existing customers in Sales Cloud. Using Connected Campaigns and Campaign Influence, they can see exactly how their marketing activities contribute to the Opportunity revenue in Sales Cloud according to an even attribution model. Recently, we have configured an extensive lead nurturing campaign in Engagement Studio that allows sales to add their own leads from within Sales Cloud and then get notified when the lead is sales ready.

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